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Dog Bite Attorneys in the Greater Macomb County Area

Attacked by a Dog? Call Us Now for Help!

Dog bites are a very common form of injury for both adults and children. They can have serious consequences, including permanent disfigurement and psychological trauma. In extreme cases, they may result in death. When a dog bites someone, the dog’s owner or possessor may be liable for the harm the dog causes.

Under Michigan law, people who are the victims of unprovoked dog bites while in a public place or lawfully on the premises where the attack occurs are almost always able to establish liability on the part of the dog owner. It doesn’t matter if the dog has never bitten another person – there is no “free bite rule,” and dog owners can be liable the very first time their dog bites somebody. People may be injured by dogs without being bitten. For example, dogs can cause injury with their claws, can knock people over and can upset bicycles. If injured, these people may also have the right to recover damages from a dog owner.

Our attorneys have vast experience in handling dog bite cases, including handling cases in the Michigan Court of Appeals and Michigan Supreme Court.

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