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Change of Residence Procedure in Michigan

What If I Have to Move? Call Now for Help!

In circumstances where parents share joint legal custody of a child and live within 100 miles of one another at the time a custody order is entered, courts will not allow a parent to move a child more than 100 miles from their home without permission from the court. While there are several exceptions to this rule, they only apply in very specific circumstances.

The courts do not grant requests to change a child’s residence by more than 100 miles without specific proofs and circumstances being present. That is why your first step in considering whether to request a change of residence/domicile should always be to consult with a reputable and experienced family law attorney. At the law offices of Mihelich & Kavanaugh, PLC, our attorneys will discuss the matter with you during a free in-office consultation. During that consultation, the attorneys will also inform you of the procedures involved and how to best proceed in your particular case. Call our office today to schedule your appointment and receive the honest and thoughtful advice that you deserve.

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