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Michigan Real Estate Lawyer

Whether you’re buying a home, selling a piece of commercial real estate, or entering a lease agreement, an experienced real estate lawyer can give you the peace of mind that you’re making the right decision, now and for the future. Mihelich & Kavanaugh, PLC was founded in 1951 with the goal of providing the people of Michigan with quality legal representation in a variety of fields, and we’ve spent the last 60 years living up to that goal.

We understand how important it is to have a seasoned professional by your side as you make important real estate decisions. Our Michigan real estate attorneys have experience handling a wide range of cases, and look forward to discussing your particular needs with you during a free initial consultation.

Residential Real Estate

For many Americans, their home is the most valuable piece of property they own. Consequently, issues involving residential real estate can have enormous financial and personal stakes. An experienced Michigan residential real estate attorneys can help you understand your legal options, alleviate your concerns, and prepare for the future. At Mihelich & Kavanaugh, PLC, we can:

  • Prepare or review purchase agreements. The purchase agreement legally defines the terms of a real estate sale. A seller is obligated to have a purchase agreement drafted, while a buyer will need to review the agreement provided by the seller. Whichever side of the purchase you’re on, we can provide you the experienced legal counsel to safeguard your financial interests.
  • Handle deeds. A deed is issued whenever a piece of real estate changes hands. We can help you understand the many different types of deeds and how they may apply to your situation, and file the necessary paperwork with the necessary municipality.
  • Negotiate or renegotiate leases. Whether you’re the lessor or the lessee, we can help make sure the terms of your rental contract meet your particular needs.
  • Draft land contracts. In a land contract, the owner of the property finances the buyer’s purchase. The buyer then repays the terms of the loan in installments. We can draft this document to ensure favorable terms.
  • Help you avoid foreclosure. Facing foreclosure is always a frightening experience. But an experienced attorney can help you understand your options and potentially find a path forward.


These are just a few of the most common residential real estate issues we handle. If you have legal needs that aren’t enumerated here, contact us today to discuss them with an experienced attorney.

Commercial Real Estate

Whether you’re investing in real estate or renting a property for your business, your financial well-being is on the line. But you don’t have to face make these momentous decisions alone. The Michigan commercial real estate lawyers of Mihelich & Kavanaugh, PLC can:

  • Prepare or review commercial real estate purchase agreements. The seller of a piece of commercial real estate property is required to present the buyer with a purchase agreement, which sets the legal terms of the sale. We can draft this document if you’re the one selling the property, or review and respond to its terms if you’re the buyer.
  • Draft commercial lease agreements. Real estate can be an excellent investment, especially during uncertain times. But it’s an investment that won’t pay off without a well-crafted lease agreement. We can help make sure that your property investment is working for you.
  • Handle commercial lease violations and terminations. If your rights have been violated, either as a lessor or a lessee, we’re ready to help. We can provide valuable guidance about commercial lease disputes, and initiate or respond to eviction procedures if necessary.


Whatever your particular legal needs may be, we look forward to discussing them with you at your earliest convenience.

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At Mihelich & Kavanaugh, PLC, we’re committed to helping our fellow Michiganders with matters involving both residential and commercial real estate. Contact us today, online or by calling 586-776-1700, to discuss your needs and concerns with an experienced, compassionate real estate attorney in Michigan.

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