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The Importance Of Estate Planning

The Importance of Estate Planning

Sometimes, in our deadline-driven, busy lives, it challenging enough to plan for the coming days and weeks, let alone for years or decades ahead. However, being prepared to distribute your possessions after you die is vital. Here are a few reasons why estate planning should be a priority for you.

Gives You Peace of Mind

Like most people, you probably worry about how your family will get along after you pass away. If you have not set your affairs in order and aren’t prepared with a will, your possessions and property will pass through a probate court, perhaps never reaching your loved ones at all.

Makes the Process Easy

When you’ve properly planned for estate and have drafted a will, you can select exactly which of your possessions will go to which family members. There will be no questions or confusion upon your death of who is entitled to what.

You can Choose who Makes Your Decisions

In the event you become unable to make your own financial decisions in the future due to illness, disability or otherwise, you want to make sure a trusted party handles these critical matters. In estate planning, you can elect who will take over such decision making.
Estate planning isn’t something to put off or to take lightly. Contact Mihelich & Kavanaugh, PLC Attorneys at Law at 586-776-1700 to learn more about this important activity.

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