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5 Considerations For Choosing A Law Firm To Represent Your Family

5 Considerations for Choosing a Law Firm to Represent Your Family

Whether you have a large family or it’s just you and your spouse, legally protecting your family’s interests as time goes on is vital. Here’s what to consider when choosing a reliable law firm to work with now and in the upcoming years.

Areas of Expertise

When choosing a law firm to represent your family in the long term, it’s important to make sure that they can cover a variety of practice areas. This way, you won’t end up having to hire another lawyer later on to handle specific problems that the law firm you typically use can’t handle for you.
You never know what may happen in the future, especially when you’re raising kids. Look for a firm to work with that offers services for the following areas of law:

  • Estate planning
  • Family law
  • Personal injury
  • Probate
  • Trust administration
  • Bankruptcy

The law firm you choose to work with should be able to handle all of life’s situations when they arise without having to bring in a third party for negotiations or consultations.


It is also crucial to make sure that there are plenty of attorneys on hand in case you find yourself in a legal emergency that requires immediate attention. The law firm you ultimately decide to work with in the coming years should have multiple attorneys and several in-house legal assistants, so you will have the representation you need no matter how short of a notice or what type of emergency you are facing.


Another consideration to make when deciding on a law firm to work with is what their previous clients have to say about them. The law firm you choose should be able to provide you with several testimonials from their clients that provide some insight into the integrity, reliability and experience of the firm as a whole.
Don’t be afraid to ask for contact information that will allow you to engage with previous clients who are willing to share their experiences with you over the phone or in person. After hearing from just two or three previous clients, you should gain an understanding of the overall reputation of the law firm in question.


You also need to think about payment options when hiring a law firm to represent your family’s interests for the long haul. When an emergency arises, will you have to pay the entire fee for representation all at the same time, or can you take advantage of a payment plan?
Will you be charged up front or invoiced after the services have been rendered? These are all questions to ask before settling on a law firm. Ideally, you’ll be able to pay your bills online and avoid having to make a trip to the post office.


Finally, understanding the experience and outlook of each attorney who works in the law firm you decide to work with is crucial. You want peace of mind in knowing that they’ll be able to handle all of your needs in the way you personally see fit as time goes on.
Take the time to meet with each attorney in the law firm you’ll be working with, so you can get a feel for the overall outlook they have when it comes to winning cases and fighting legal battles. If possible, meet with the legal assistants to assess their experience and ability to meet your needs as well.
You deserve to work a reliable law firm that always has your best interests in mind. Contact Mihelich & Kavanaugh, PLC, Attorneys at Law anytime to schedule a consultation appointment or to get more information about the specific services we offer

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