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Probation Violation Lawyers Michigan

Macomb County, Michigan, Probation Violation Lawyers

Probation Revoked? Call Now for Help!

Probation is an alternative to imprisonment, which is granted in certain situations where imprisonment of the accused is not an appropriate punishment. Usually, probation is granted in situations involving non-violent crimes or where a person does not pose a threat to society. If probation is granted, the probationer must abide by the conditions set forth and pay any and all associated fines and oversight fees. A person on probation is supervised by a probation officer who assists them in following the conditions and behaving lawfully. If the probation officer determines that any of the conditions have been violated or that the probationer has been involved in the commission of another crime, a hearing to revoke the probation is held. If the probationer is found guilty, the court may decide to:

  • Continue probation
  • Modify the conditions of probation
  • Lengthen the period of probation
  • Revoke probation
  • Incarcerate up to the maximum time allowed

If probation is revoked, the probationer is sentenced again for the crime for which he or she was originally charged. There is a much higher likelihood of jail time for a violation of probation, because, in the eyes of the court, a defendant has failed to take advantage of the opportunity that he or she was given when probation was granted. In some cases, judges take it personally when defendants don’t follow their orders while on probation. For many defendants, probation is revoked and they are sentenced to jail quickly and without realizing the seriousness of their situation. It is critically important that a defendant be able to effectively communicate their side of the story anytime they are faced with a charge of violation of probation.

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