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Sexual Assault & Conduct Defense Lawyers MI

Criminal Sexual Conduct in Michigan

Been Arrested for a Sexual Assault? Call Now for Help!

In Michigan, the phrase “criminal sexual conduct” (CSC) is used to define most of Michigan’s sexual assault crimes. Due to the fact that the phrase covers such a wide variety of acts, CSC crimes are divided up into four degrees. The major distinction between the degrees of CSC is determined, in large part, by whether or not the act alleged involved penetration or another form of physical contact without penetration.

In situations involving allegations of CSC, the victim and the alleged defendant are often acquainted with one another, possibly even related. As a result, false allegations, witness tampering, manipulation and distorted fact patterns are common problems. Accordingly, it is imperative that the defense attorney work diligently to sift through any falsehoods that may be involved and perpetuated by the prosecution.

Regardless of the differing degrees among the crimes, each crime that falls under the CSC category can have a devastating effect on the lives of everyone involved. If convicted of a CSC crime, the penalties are severe and can include serious fines and costs, probation, public sex offender registration and varying terms of imprisonment including life in prison. Naturally, if you are facing a CSC charge, you will need a talented and aggressive attorney to combat the vicious allegations involved. If you or a loved one is charged with a CSC crime, contact an attorney immediately, and refrain from discussing the matter with anyone until you have had an opportunity to discuss it with your attorney.

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