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Drug Crime Defense Lawyers MI

Aggressive Drug Crimes Attorneys in the Greater Macomb County Area

Been Arrested for Possession of Drugs? Call Now for Help!

If you are charged with a drug crime in Michigan, your punishment may vary greatly depending upon the specific drug and the amount of it that you allegedly possessed at the time of your arrest. For example, possessing a small amount of certain drugs like marijuana could be considered a simple misdemeanor and only carry a maximum sentence of up to one year in prison and/or fines and probation. On the other hand, if you are charged with and/or convicted of manufacturing or delivering over 1,000 grams (kilogram = 2.2 pounds) of certain drugs, the potential sentence could be as severe as life in prison.

Individuals charged with drug crimes in Michigan often assume that their case begins at the time when he or she is charged with the specific crime(s). This is a common misconception, because your case actually begins when a search is performed and evidence of an alleged drug crime is seized by police or other law enforcement. In drug cases, the manner in which the search for evidence is conducted is one of the most important aspects of the case. No matter whether the search is conducted pursuant to a warrant, a traffic stop or by a police officer stopping an individual on the street, it is important to pay close attention to the facts and circumstances surrounding the search so that you may relay them to your attorney. The circumstances surrounding the search can be the most crucial evidence in a drug case, because it can often lead to the suppression of evidence, acquittal at trial or dismissal of the charges.

In drug cases, protection of your constitutional rights is of the highest importance, and retaining a skilled attorney should be your first priority. A skilled defense attorney will be able to expose potential issues regarding the manner in which the search was conducted or the handling of important evidence. If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug crime in Michigan, retain an aggressive and skilled attorney at your earliest opportunity, because this type of crime involves severe penalties and significant fines. Most importantly, do not discuss the matter with anyone, especially the police, until you have had an opportunity to meet with an attorney.

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