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Domestic Violence Lawyers MI

Been Arrested for Spousal Abuse? Call Now for Help!

Typically, domestic violence involves individuals who have been involved in an intimate relationship with one another, were previously or are married to one another or who have had a child together. Often times, both parties will contact the police. If the police cannot decide which of the parties they believe more and there are signs of domestic violence, the police will arrest one of the parties. Unfortunately, the police will usually arrest the man. If you have been wrongly accused and intend on fighting to prove your innocence you need to act immediately upon being charged. It is critical to preserve all possible evidence such as 911 tapes, police dispatch tapes, etc., before that information is destroyed. In situations of domestic violence, the difference between being convicted or found not guilty can be a single piece of evidence that harms the accuser’s credibility.

If this is your first domestic violence offense, it may be possible to negotiate an agreement that ensures no conviction will appear on your record. If trial is necessary, our attorneys will be prepared to aggressively defend your rights and make certain that the jury hears both sides of the story. If this is not a first offense, it is imperative that you receive the attention necessary to mount the best possible defense. Domestic violence is a political issue. Judges and prosecutors are under tremendous pressure to be tough on people charged with these crimes even when they understand that the accuser often has unclean hands. A person charged with a second or subsequent domestic violence offense needs to mount an aggressive defense in order to protect themselves and receive fair treatment. By listening to the client, obtaining their version of the story and developing the facts, we develop the best possible defense strategies.

Personal Protection Orders (PPOs)

In situations where domestic violence is alleged, the accuser will often seek the issuance of a personal protection order, commonly referred to as a PPO. These are restraining orders designed to keep the alleged attacker away from the accuser, but they are in no way meant to serve as absolute protection. The accuser will first have to seek the order ex-parte, which means that he or she will present their allegations in writing to a judge seeking issuance of the order without notifying the other party or holding a hearing. If issued ex-parte, the order is enforceable, and once the person restrained is notified of its existence, he or she can request a hearing to have the order terminated. On the other hand, if the order is not issued ex-parte, the accuser can request a hearing before a judge. If you are notified that a PPO has been issued against you, or that there is a hearing before a judge seeking the same, retain an attorney immediately to discuss your rights and formulate a plan of attack. Most importantly, regardless of whether you are the victim or the aggressor, NEVER represent yourself in a situation involving allegations of domestic violence.

We have represented individuals on both sides of this argument and are familiar with the laws regarding domestic violence in Michigan. In a domestic violence situation, it is important that you retain an attorney who is familiar with situations involving domestic violence and understands the dynamic.

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