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What NOT To Do During A Divorce

What NOT to Do During a Divorce

A divorce is a lengthy, often-frustrating process, and that frustration can cause people to make mistakes. As important as it is to take the proper steps during a divorce, it’s equally vital to avoid actions that could hurt your interests. Knowing what to do or not to do during a divorce is challenging, but our Shelby, MI, divorce lawyers can help.

At Mihelich & Kavanaugh, PLC we can handle the legal burden of your divorce while you focus on taking care of yourself. Our Shelby divorce attorneys have successfully represented people throughout Michigan and helped them avoid potentially damaging errors. Below we listed some common things to avoid during a Michigan divorce.

Don’t Handle Your Case Yourself

While the upfront cost of hiring a lawyer might seem high, the potential risks and costs of self-representation in a divorce are higher. Divorce law involves countless statutes, procedures, and legal jargon that can feel like an alien language to the uninitiated. Paperwork errors, missed deadlines, or misunderstanding critical laws can delay the process and have severe financial implications.

Objectivity is crucial in divorce proceedings. When you’re in the thick of it, emotions can cloud your judgment, making it hard to make wise decisions or think about long-term consequences. A divorce attorney serves as an objective third party who can guide you through the process and advocate for your interests, unclouded by the emotional turmoil.

Don’t Lie to Your Attorney

The importance of honesty with your attorney during a divorce cannot be overstated. When you provide accurate and complete information, you equip your lawyer with the tools necessary to formulate the most effective strategy for your case. Any falsehood can lead to unforeseen surprises that can significantly derail your case and compromise your attorney’s ability to represent you effectively.

Furthermore, maintaining honesty preserves your credibility, an essential component of a successful legal process.

Don’t Snoop on Your Spouse or Children

In the heat of a divorce, it’s natural to feel uncertain or suspicious. You might be tempted to spy on your spouse or children, snoop through their phones, or engage in similar actions to gather evidence or alleviate fears. However, these actions are not only ethically questionable but can also have significant legal consequences.

From a legal standpoint, privacy laws protect individuals from invasive actions like unauthorized surveillance or access to personal devices. Breaching these laws can undermine your standing in divorce proceedings and lead to criminal charges.

Beyond the legal implications, spying can strain your relationship with your spouse and children. This can be especially harmful to children already dealing with the emotional stress of their parents’ separation. Moreover, judges in family court cases generally frown upon actions demonstrating a lack of respect for privacy and boundaries.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Control You

When emotions run high during a divorce, it’s harder to think clearly. Anger might drive you to seek revenge, causing you to make choices that hurt your case more than they help. Fear might make you concede too quickly and fail to stand up for your rights. Such emotionally charged decisions often lead to poor outcomes.

Don’t Post About Your Divorce Online

In our hyper-connected world, sharing our personal lives online is almost second nature. However, when going through a divorce, this instinct can prove detrimental.

Remember, anything you post online is public and potentially permanent. It’s not uncommon for lawyers to present social media posts as evidence in court.

Additionally, discussing your divorce online can create unnecessary drama. It can invite unsolicited advice, cause tension among shared friends, and even escalate conflicts between you and your spouse.

The best way to avoid mistakes during a divorce is to hire a capable attorney. The Shelby, MI, divorce lawyers at Mihelich & Kavanaugh, PLC want to make this process as easy as possible for you. Call us at 586-884-6562 or complete our online contact form for a consu

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