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When And How To Prepare For Estate Disputes In Michigan

When and How to Prepare for Estate Disputes in Michigan

The grieving process can stir up complicated emotions and change family dynamics. Sometimes a loved one’s passing can trigger anger, jealousy, and other complex feelings. Although a will is a legal document outlining the deceased’s final wishes, it may not always be ironclad. Situations may arise where the deceased’s estate faces a dispute or family members object to the will’s contents. You may even need to dispute a will or trust if you believe manipulation caused a loved one to make changes they would not typically have made.

At Mihelich & Kavanaugh, PLC, we understand the legal complications that arise from Michigan estate disputes. When should you start preparing for an estate dispute, and what steps must you take to protect yourself and your family? Our legal team wants to help you understand the road ahead. 

When to Prepare for an Estate Dispute in Michigan

How do you know when you need to prepare for an estate dispute? Whenever you notice discrepancies or inconsistencies or family members voice grievances or displeasure, it may be time to consult an experienced probate and estate attorney. Some of the situations where probate litigation is most applied include:

  • Contesting of the deceased’s will
  • Incapacity of the deceased to make changes to their will
  • Breach of fiduciary duty of person responsible for administering an estate
  • Lack of information provided to the beneficiaries of a trust or will
  • Contested guardianship
  • Under the influence of a vulnerable adult

Although no two cases are alike, some factors may indicate an estate dispute is on the horizon. Be aware of some of the following signs that complications may be ahead:

  • History of family conflicts and disputes
  • An estate plan with complicated or unclear elements
  • The deceased chose an unreliable or untrustworthy personal representative to handle their estate
  • Sudden changes to a trust or will before passing, changes that seem uncharacteristic for the deceased

Estate disputes can become extremely complicated. If you believe any of these circumstances apply to you or your family, it is time to contact a skilled Michigan estate attorney. The sooner you get an attorney, the better your chances of fighting for a more favorable outcome.

How Do You Prepare for an Estate Dispute?

It is always challenging to prepare for an estate dispute. You may feel emotionally conflicted about contesting a will or challenging a family member. Coming to terms with a loved one’s death and processing the fact that there are issues with the probate process can be hard to bear. Discussing your situation with a compassionate and experienced Michigan estate attorney is the best way to prepare for what’s ahead. An attorney can review the unique circumstances of your situation and give you straightforward advice about what comes next.

Some estate disputes are easily resolved. Others can take months or years to reach a solution. This is why you need the advocacy of a knowledgeable Michigan estate attorney. An attorney can help you manage your expectations and understand all the steps involved in the sometimes-complicated process of negotiating an estate dispute. The best way to prepare for a dispute is to discuss your situation with someone who has the resources to help.

Connect with a Compassionate Michigan Estate Attorney Today

Following the passing of a loved one, you deserve peace of mind. The seasoned legal team at Mihelich & Kavanaugh, PLC, wants to help you navigate this challenging time with grace and compassion. If you have concerns about a family member’s estate, discuss your situation with our legal team today. Contact our office at 586-465-3701 to arrange a legal consultation and learn more about how we may be able to help you handle an estate dispute.


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